Friday, August 15, 2008

Seraphina Shawl Greenie in Progress

This is a lovely pattern - yes, it's crocheted and NOT knitted but I am a long-time crocheter, too. This pattern can be found here. If you're on Ravelry, look it up and you'll see all the wonderful shawls that have been and are being made. Just love the 'batwing' shaping.
Yarn: JoAnn's RainbowBoucle - green shades
Hook: N
No mods so far - pattern is very easy to work with. The skein of yarn is huge - no ends to weave in in the middle of work! I have put the yarn in a big clear plastic 'barrel' - like for kitchen storage - it keeps the yarn tangle-free (so far so good) and clean of cat hair and other stuff. The yarn is light and airy - which it puuurrrrrfect for a shawl. KC took a look but it wasn't interesting AND it was in my lap (which means he isn't) so he went to lay down and nap elsewhere.

Copper Liesl finished

I finally got a better photo of this sweater. I tried the mirror - got flash in the pic, tried getting my son to take a shot - well it could be a better pose on my part! This works much better to see the lovely shape. It's been cloudy (no rain but at least I SMELLED rain!)
AND the TRACTOR is GONE! WaaHOOO! We can use the driveway again at last. Next week they bring the jacks and the last of the concrete action - unless of course the weather men are actually on target this time and we do get a downpour. Yeah. Right.

Thought you might like to see what KC has been up to:

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

PandaSilk Socks, Liesls and New PC

I started these socks today with Panda Silk I bought in North Carolina. 2mm Addis and Magic Loop technique. I am loving how this yarn works up - nice and smooth and very soft! I like it much better than the Maizy which is very splitty and a larger diameter yarn.
The foot shall be just stockinette stitch and then I'll decide on a stitch pattern when I get to the legs. I need something mindless to work on - interruptions are a little too frequent around here just now.
The Blue Jean Sock I started in NC keeps getting frogged every so often because of all the interruptions every time I pick it up to work on it! I'll eventually get the pair done I guess.
The Copper Liesl and the red Liesl are below. Still trying to figure out the easiest way to blog from Flikr. Seems to be easiest to blog each photo (just have to remember to do it in the reverse way I want it to show up here) and then post it. I don't think you can put more than one photo in the blog from there. If anyone knows if there IS - please let me know!
And yes, that darn tractor is still in the driveway. They poured the concrete columns today but said they'll pick up that thing tomorrow. It will be nice to have my driveway back. But the juniper bonsai in the front are dying. Well, so would you be if you got trampled and tools thrown on you!

The Copper Liesl is finished except for buttons (ignore the orange and purple thingys) and tucking in a few tails. I did the picot bind off on this one - sleeves and hem edge. I love the way the sleeves came out - they belled at the bottom just like I wanted! I think this happened because of the picot bind off.
I am going to make a cream Liesl for Mom next.

Here is my red Liesl, almost done. I just have to decide how long I want it. I may stop there. All but one tail is tucked in, too. Oh, and ignore the purple thingy - the button isn't on yet.

Everything we bought Saturday has BLUE LIGHTS. I don't know what the deal is, but now we have little blue fairy lights all over the house! I got a nice surprise when I fired up the computer - the front lit up, too!
This is my set-up for the moment. Have to see if this works out. My desk is an L shape and big, thank goodness!

Here is a close-up of the front of my Birthday Present. Isn't it kewl! It has kind of a Steampunk look and I love it. It has a clear plexi DOOR on it and wait until you see what I do with THAT!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tractor still here AND Birthday Present!

Well, the guys finished digging the last hole yesterday and Wednesday (we had a tiny bit of rain today) the concrete is scheduled to be poured. Then it's another week or more before the next step and then after that one, another week or more until they can fill in and fix the stuff that got messed up during this whole process! Man, what a mess this is. I will be glad when it's over!

I am writing this from my Birthday Present! I was very depressed about the foundation stuff, so my wonderful hubby took me shopping Saturday for a new computer. We had a good time at the electronics store and I even got a 24 inch flat screen monitor!!! This thing is B-U-tiful to behold! It's huge! I have been loading software and playing around in between laundry today. Now, technically, my Birthday isn't until Sunday, but my terrific spouse knows what I need and do I ever feel better! I still have lots of software to add but I learned my lesson from previous computers - not to put too much on too soon. Add one, let it run for a while and get used to that then add another. And not too quickly! It will take several more days to get everything together and for my new baby to feel like "home". I love the speed and the ability to do more things at the same time. I think I will probably keep blogging from my laptop though. It's got a card reader to load photos and with wireless, I can even blog from outside. Oh my, what did we ever do without computers?? My mother's microwave went out last week - she was going nuts trying to remember how to heat things up without it. It's amazing what you get used to and then have to do without - it's like going cold turkey trying to give up Diet Coke - ain't happnin' people.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

No work guys - again

This has been parked in our driveway for a week now:Along with this mess:
And the workers didn't come yet again today. It was predicted by the "weather" people that the storm named "Edouard" was going to give us some rain. HAH! NOT!!! So, the foundation workers decided it would not be a good idea to dig any more holes on Tuesday. I expected they would show up today but NOOOOOO.... I am very disappointed that we have to look at this mess and that the house is getting more cracks by the minute. I am angry, I am frustrated and doggonnit I want this DONE.

It's bad enough they started the job 2 weeks later than they told us. Then, it took forever just to get the holes dug on the first side of the house. Our lovely grass now has dead spots and there are "ditches" in the yard, too.

The noise had chased away the birds - which came back yesterday and I did get to see finches, cardinals and some as-yet-unidentified little birds whose technique at the feeder is to snatch-and-grab. I have to find the bird book and look them up. I did enjoy watching them and didn't realize I missed doing that!

However, when the workers DO come back, they'll vanish again. No rain and wasted days. More frustration than I want to deal with. OK enough about that for now. Here is some fun: This is a Pile-O-Knitting. It's my red Liesl with a sleeve in progress. I put it on a turntable because I always - always - drop double-point needles and this helps! I just spin it around and around as I work and then go back around to unspin the yarn or else I have a very twisted mess!
I am almost finished with the second sleeve on the copper Liesl. I will try to finish before I hit the bed tonight, but wouldn't you know - the yarn ball ran out just before the bind-off!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Liesl Progress

I have completed both sleeves on the red Liesl sweater! Now, I'm going to go back to the copper one and do those sleeves. I really don't like to make sleeves, so I like to get them over with as soon as I can.

I have gotten much farther on the body of the copper Liesl...
Still haven't decided how long it's going to be though. Night photos are not the best.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Red Liesl in progress

Here is the first Liesl I started. Did one partial sleeve, tried it on and frogged the sleeve. I don't like them to fit so close. Soooooo, I will be working out how to make it looser.

I haven't decided on the length yet - want to finish the 3/4 sleeves first. This is basically my test sweater for this pattern. I love this pattern! I was going to try to design a feather and fan from the top down - but now I don't have to! Thank you, Ysolda!

Sleeves coming up....

Copper Liesl in Progress

This is the Liesl mentioned below. It's not much to look at - all scrunched up like that!