Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Yahoo selling out to Verizon

I just got an email that Yahoo is selling out to Verizon. Yahoo owns Flickr - and this is where most of the photos on this blog are housed. Some (ie most) of the photos may vanish as I intend to delete my Yahoo account and all it's associates. Which means I am deleting all the photos I have in Flickr.

I am sorry about this, but it is increasing complicated to have photos appear on the internet with all the rules out there. You never know where your intellectual properties will end up! This is why I have not been posting many photos lately.

I will continue to use Facebook - for now - and also Instagram. Although my life is such now that I am concentrating on my health mostly and am not in social media very much anyway. Just not enough hours in a day!

I will be moving photos back into Ravelry as best I can because Flickr is where most of my knitting pics are! I will figure this all out.

Enjoy your Summer people! XO  bren