Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Journal Keeping

Whether you journal for arts' sake, for your own enjoyment or to remember things you did, saw or experienced - journaling is a personal thing.

Ali Edwards tweeted a great article today about travel journaling.

Lavinia Spalding was asked some questions and here is my favorite part:

"That said, I don't think journals and blogs are mutually exclusive. In a way, it's the perfect combination: keep a journal for private memories and discoveries, take copious photos so you'll never forget the beautiful and bizarre, and use your blog as a tool to entertain and inform."

This is exactly how I feel about it! I like to work in my personal journals every day and enjoy writing and pasting things in my travel journal when we take trips. My everyday journal is on the computer - and it starts when I boot up so it's IN MY FACE so to speak. I see it - even if it's just before I log off for the day. I stop and take care of "business" even though it's just a sentence or two. I will sometimes "finish" the next day.

At present, I'm still trying to organize my life around new challenges so I print out my journal pages and my blog entries to paste into my moleskine. I hope to include some drawings, paintings, photos and hand-written entries (like previous journals) later on when I catch up with myself. Right now - it's just so I will DO IT. Keep the habit.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Journal Page Background

This is as far as I have gotten with this page. The colors are not really true - dark room at night and all..... Hope to do more on this one tomorrow. Fun! Messy, but fun!
I have always wanted to learn these techniques and Pam Carriker's online classes are really good. I am enjoying them very much and want to take more later on!

edit:8-25-10 - forgot Pam's link.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Paper Cranes

I've been folding origami cranes for about a month now - and after I started doing them I keep seeing Tweets or blog posts that refer to the crane legend from Japan. I had folded cranes before - a couple of years ago but gave up after a couple of months. I can't remember why.
I wanted to start making them again this summer and this time keep going! I am keeping track in my daily journal and stringing them to hang across the closet door in my studio. I am mostly using junk mail (cut to various sizes) as a way to recycle - it's mostly catalog pages - and to make use of a free resource for paper.
I did buy some real origami paper at Hobby Lobby (with coupon) the other day though - these papers make a nice splash of bright color in the strings. And I plan to put some papers in my purse for when I'm out. I try to fold at least 1 crane every day - mostly it's more. One day I folded 23!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

BirthDay Pressies!

I had a nice Birthday lunch with Mom, my oldest son is coming over in a while and these are my presents for today! I haven't even opened the book covers yet - I made myself wait for today.
I've needed the wireless keyboard and mouse for a couple of months but wanted certain ones.
I have wanted Swing, Swagger and Drape for a while. It's designs are so beautiful I can't wait to look (haven't had time yet today). Transparent Art is the other book I've wanted for a while.
My back is getting there - need Tylenol right tho - stayed out too long I guess but it was fun! I just had my birthday dessert - sugar free ice cream with sf chocolate bits. I know it doesn't sound like it tastes good - but for someone with diabetes who hasn't had much sugar in the last 2 months - it was delicious!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Lehmus Progress

Hurt my back - actually right hip area - on Monday. Wednesday it seems I hit the peak of pain because yesterday it felt better! I still can't bend but at least I can stand and walk some. It's even better today (still no bending). More walking and standing! I do not know WHAT I did to it other than walk down a flight of stairs at the Mall (instead of being lazy and taking the escalator - I was proud of myself). Maybe I over-did it just a tad? Had ramped up the treadmill a bit and then walked at the Mall and took the stairs. Sheesh. I have to be SO careful! And it was such a productive day!
My Lehmus shawl is growing nicely. It's actually a few inches past what you see in this photo. It's all bunched up on the left to try to stretch it a bit. I want a large shawl so I'm going to keep knitting. This pattern is awesome! I know I'll make more of these.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Two-color Kerchief

I have been asked to share my recipe for this little gem. I have put it up on my Ravelry project page. The pattern is no longer available so I had to figure it out by looking at photos. It's a pretty standard triangle shawl.

Yarn: Koigu - #716 (light), #117 (dark)
Needles: #3 Addi turbo circulars - 24 in.

This project is a take along so I don't have much knitted. It spends most of it's time in a project bag by the Studio door!