Monday, June 30, 2008


I am ashamed to see I have not posted in almost 2 months! THe only excuse I have is "life got in the way". I have been in physical therapy for my re-injured shoulders - rotator cuff - BOTH of them. And I am getting ready for a journey to North Carolina to visit a cousin with my Mom - next week!

I have been knitting socks the last several days - now that I can knit again. I must have some summer socks now that our temps have been at or near 100 degrees for weeks. And they also happen to go with the outfits I am taking on the journey.

No pics right now, but I have LOTS to upload LATER. I got a new camcorder, too. Takes still shots at 10.5 megapixels. I am still learning to use it. OK - this was a quick post just to get one in there before another day passes..... ah well...