Friday, July 31, 2015

Adult Coloring - Awesome!

Color me Happy! Come join in the calm at Angie Grace's Adult Coloring Group on Facebook. [link]

I discovered "adult coloring" in late June of this year and thanks to a friend (TY V) joined Angie's FB group, saw her designs and YES! Just what I was looking for! Angie's books are so beautiful, well done and on Amazon! [link]

You won't find tons of free patterns posted in the group but, Angie does have a bunch on her website. Her "Sampler" book is wonderful to work in to find your "thing". It contains a page from all of her books (which vary in type of designs) and she posts update pages on her site you can download. [link]

What you will find in this group is inspiration galore! Tips on markers, pencils and organizing them too. This group has over 3,000 members and is growing every day!

So join me in the "zone" and color away YOUR stress!

 "Bee Dance" from "Balance", colored with Bic MarkIts

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